I am trying to process an order but it is getting declined, what am I doing wrong?

Due in part to the rampant rise in eCommerce fraud we only accept payments from credit cards that support Address / Zip Code verification and Card Security Code verification.  These verification's must match the information provided by your credit card company.  For ease of payment we recommend creating or using your Pay Pal account.  If you are not able to process your payment please submit your order with "request quote" and we will send you a Pay Pal invoice to pay from.

I have placed an order but have not recieved an order confirmation, why?

Orders received before 11:00am Monday through Friday are typically processing the same day the order is received.  Orders received after 11:00am Friday through Sunday will be processed on Monday.   You will be contacted if there is a delay in you order.  Order confirmations are not sent until we are able to provide you with a tracking number.

Are ALL of the items in your store listed on your website?

NO, while we try to list as many products on our website as possible, many products in our store are not listed on our website.  Many accessory items, unless they are deemed "unique" or "innovative" will not be listed on our website.  Due to contractual obligations some manufacturers will not allow us to post individual products on our website.

Are ALL of the items on your website available at your store?

Not necessarily, the website product listing are updated daily, if the product listed has sold since the last update it may not be in stock.  Also, some items are stocked for our website only and can be viewed at our store location upon request (consult one of our sales experts).

Are all of your product listed on your website warehoused/boxed product?

Not necessarily, we are primarily a brick and mortar store front.  Many of the products listed on our website are on display in our showroom.  While we are happy to ship products to you, we understand that "touching and feeling" instruments prior to purchase is an important part of the selection process for many people.  However, rest assured that all showroom products are thoroughly inspected prior to shipment and will not be shipped if problems in functionality or condition are found.   We also strive to have all of our products arrive to you in full working and functional condition, with this in mind many products are opened to check for full functionality and condition prior to shipment.